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- Rapid Prototyping Production Services (CNC, SLA).

- Silicone Duplex Production Service.

- Rapid mold and injection molding production services.

- Die Casting Production Service.

- Sheet metal production service.

- Molding production service.

- Extrusion production service.

For other types of production services, please consult our sales representatives.

In addition to the main production processes, we are very good at a variety of surface treatment processes, including:

- Spray paint, all kinds of matte, high gloss, rubber paint, EMI / EMC protective metal conductive paint effect Electroplating, including water plating and vacuum plating, can achieve high light, matte, color and other effects.

- Oxidation, including ordinary and hard oxidation, can achieve a variety of effects such as primary color, black, color, etc.

- Water transfer, can achieve wooden, stone and a variety of special effects.

- Silk screen printing, pad printing and other surface printing effects

- Laser carving.

- Surface leather, a variety of fabric coating.

In addition to the above effects, if you have other needs, please contact us.