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职位编码:EA1701 (销售代表 - 北京)







  • 具备良好的思维方式和学习习惯,能够快速学习各领域的专业知识,是我们所需要的。


  • 我们认为工作经验能够让你更快的适应工作,但有时能否适应工作也与经验无关。


  • 在我们的工作中,经常大量的使用Excel表格,如果你使用熟练会大大的帮你提高效率。 


  • 为客户服务是我们的宗旨,也是我们存在的价值,与客户共同成长会让你满怀成就感。


  • 在工作中会有寂寞、等待,如果你能不断地为自己鼓劲加油、不气馁,那么也让我们为你喝彩!


  • 以上所有条件都不是最重要的,如果你有一颗强烈的事业心,愿意与我们共同开创一份事业,我们的大门永远为你畅开!


1、 独立与国内客户进行商务沟通,获取产品定单;

2、 与内部技术工程师共同商定满足客户需求的解决方案;

3、 全权负责整个生产监督、定单执行、商务沟通、回款等项目管理工作;

4、 负责国内行业市场的开拓和客户洽谈。

ID: EU1701 (Sales Representative - Lithuania)

Job Title: Sales Representative

Location: Based on Lithuania

Organization: RPWORLD North Europe

Mode of employment: Full time or Part time


Building and developing relationships with substantial European businesses

What do you need to qualify for this job?

1. Bachelor degree or above; Science and engineering major priority (automation, machinery, biology, materials, etc.);

  • Have a good way of thinking and learning habits, to quickly learn the areas of different industries, is what we need.

2. Proficient in written and written English;

  • Our clients are mainly international clients, fluent spoken and written English are needed.

3. Excellent communication skills and good sense of developing clients;

  • Excellent communication skills is a basic. In daily sales work, cold calls or new client visit need you have a strong interest or willing to talk with new people.

4. Excellent team spirit, a high sense of responsibility and customer - oriented sense of service;

  • The successful completion of each project is through the joint efforts of different departments. Our aim is to offer good service to our customers. It is also how we can prove our value. Common progress together with our customers can bring much sense of achievement.

5. At least 1 year sales experience or independent development of customer experience;

  • We believe that enough work experience can make you more quickly adapt to the work, domestic and international sales experience will be quite helpful to take the job.

6. Skilled use of office software (especially Excel, PowerPoint), with a certain degree of network knowledge;

  • This job will involve extensive use of Excel tables and PPT show, if you use skilled will greatly help you improve efficiency.

7. Positive, optimistic, work under pressure with creative thinking;

  • There will be lonely moments at work, under great pressure. You have to keep encouraging yourself, and always keep in faith.

8. Interested in working with us for a great career by long-term;

  • All the above conditions are not essential as long as you have a strong will and great passion for this industry. Our door is always open for you to create a wonderful career together.

What are your responsibilities?
  • Responsible for discover business potential in Europe

  • Independent approach with leads/new customers, give them introduction, show them samples, and describe our capabilities.

  • Directly approach old customers and build good and long term business relationships with the old customers

  • Payment collection, customer satisfaction survey

  • Market promotion in European

  • Regional Market and competitor information collection and analysis

  • Recording and managing the clients and leads in CRM system

  • What else do I need to know?