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About us

We started business on 2003 to sell 3D printing service and additive manufacturing apparatus. RP, the abbreviation of Rapid Prototyping, means 3D printing. At that time, unlike most 3D printing companies serving for local market, RPWORLD® aimed at overseas market in the beginning.

The demand of clients drive us implementing evolution from basic 3D printing service to comprehensive turnkey service, including pilot production and BTO production. Our engineer team can get involved at early phase and offer affordable and efficient service to help the clients optimize the product. During the whole product development process, we fully use 3D printing and advanced techniques even traditional techniques, to accelerate R&D process and reduce cost and shorten time.

RPWORLD® is growing to be a world famous R&D accompanying engineering service team.


5th Aug. 2004, the initial founder established the brand - RPWORLD®, and began supplying rapid prototyping service for overseas clients.

30th Sep. 2006, two key persons from local government organization and fortune 500 enterprise joined the team as co-founders. They treated RPWORLD® as the core business and focused on exploring overseas market.

From 2007 to 2009, RPWORLD® team expanded overseas market with all efforts.

After 2010, driven by the need of market and innovation, RPWORLD® implemented the business evolution from offering initial rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing service, to offering comprehensive engineering service based on whole R&D process.

From 2010 to 2013, RPWOLRD® strove exploring domestic clients while still underpinning overseas market.

In 2014, based on the need of the future business development and attracting strategic investors, RPWORLD® business was spun off from the group. Thus INNORAPID LIMITED was registered in Hong Kong to operate ROWORLD®.

1st Jan 2015, INNORAPID LIMITED officially took over RPWORLD®.

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